Support Process

All support issues are triaged when they come in regardless of the method used and in accordance with Summit Healthcare Standard Support Protocols and Service Level Agreements. Each issue is reviewed for priority and criticality. Once reviewed, it is assigned to the appropriate resource for corrective action. Throughout the process, the client is kept abreast of the status of their issue.

If you have already entered a help request, and the assigned engineer has given you a "Session ID" for a live support session, please use the following link: Login to Live Session.

Also, please note that the newest product documentation can be viewed from the following link:

What is not covered under the Standard Support Agreement? Non Software Support In order for us to provide the best support possible to all of our clients, requests made for assistance with any of the following items will have a minimum charge of $200 with an incremental fee of $150/hour for business work hours and $300 on off hours. The Summit Support Technician will ask for the client to accept these terms before the work is to begin.

  • Modifications to any Summit Product that are needed due to a HCIS Platform change, new regulatory requirements or third party changes
  • Hardware Upgrades/Migrations
  • New or existing Script (SST), InSync Extraction or Summit Scheduler modifications (due to changes made on the host platform, new/changed integration, etc)
  • New or existing Interface Filters/Maps/Message Modifier/VB Control Script modifications (due to desired design changes)
  • New or existing DRS Reports (added reports, changes to navigation, locations or shortcuts)

Note: In questionable cases, Summit will first confirm the product is functioning as designed prior to suggesting a Time and Materials contract. If a contract is deemed necessary, the client will be billed for the total time dedicated to the task for consulting/developing/design or supported assistant. The support time should not exceed 72 hours (3 days) without a standard services & support contract. Any Non Software Support has a 1 hour minimum.